Our Tollers


In Residence


UACH SHR CH Zephyr's Day in June WC RE AX MXJ OF CDX
June is a granddaughter of Gem, out of Ghillie, who is from Gem's 2001 litter. We knew we wanted her to stay when she began scaling a 30 inch xpen at 6.5 weeks old. Now 6 years old, she has earned enough titles to qualify for the Toller Club's Versatility certificate and is following in her grandmother's pawprints, poised to up that to a VCX within the next few years.


UACH CH Zephyr's Evelyn Echo CD RN AX MXJ NF
Lark is out of June's first litter, born Easter Sunday 2008. Though it was really too soon for us to add another dog I was very drawn to this pup from the get go. She is very balanced, with nice angles and a pretty head. She has a wonderful temperament and a nice amount of drive without being as over the top as her mother. She is my first champion out of the Bred By class.

Our co-owned dogs


CH Zephyr's Eta Carinae CDX RN WC JH
Eta lives with her co-owners in Ohio but we manage to connect every few months at the shows. She won the 12-18 month class at the Canadian National Specialty in Kitchner, ON in May of 2009 and finished her AKC CH in February of 2011. That completed her requirements for a Rusty Jones award.


Zephyr's Flusher of Dux
Tobago resides in the Kansas City, KS area and right now we only get to see him a few times a year. He is very busy dog, however, as his owners compete with him in disc dog competitions and he is in training for agility, obedience, rally and field.


Zephyr's Going Green at Macfield
Kermit is from June's second litter. At 2 years of age, we think he is looking quite nice. We hope to see him out in the conformation ring this fall.


Zephyr’s In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Ian has incredible working drive and intelligence, making him a challenging but fun dog to work with. We expect he'll be successful in any area he tries his paw at.

In our hearts and minds


UACH UCD SHR Lonetree's Just My Style RN WC
Rosie was a retrieving fool and very single minded about "fetchin' it up", whether it was tennis balls, bumpers or birds. She taught us much about fieldwork, heart and stamina. She is greatly missed.


Manitou's Bird in Hand 4 Zephyr
We lost Tilia tragically and unexpectedly. She was a wonderfully sweet dog who is greatly missed by us all.


Gem was our foundation bitch and our introduction to the breed. She was smart, sassy and accomplished, earning titles in agility, obedience, rally, conformation and field. She was a recipient of the Rusty Jones award, which recognizes Tollers who complete CH, CD and WC titles. She also earned enough titles to qualify for the NSDTRC USA's Versatility Excellent Award (VCX). Gem lived to be 17 years and seven months old.